Increased safety, Increased time, Increased comfort!

[singlepic id=387 w=320 h=240 float=left] Mount diving first became popular with cave & wreck divers… It is fast becoming the latest trend in the recreational world as anyone can do it from open water level. One question people always ask, Why Side Mount?


Increased Safety!

Side Mount set up is completely different from the standard single tank set up that we are all so accustomed to. Instead of having the tank on our backs, in side mount set up we now have a tank or two tanks along your side… First and foremost, the increase in safety is one of the main reasons the configuration has become so popular. Now with the ability to dive with two separate tanks & two separate regulators even if the unlikely event something went wrong underwater you don’t have to rely on someone else to get you out of trouble, the redundancy of a completely separate cylinder gives you the ability to deal with a problem calmly and safely…

Increased Time

What else does two tanks mean? Double the air, double the time exploring underwater! Many first time divers often comment “i wish i could have stayed down there longer”, with Side Mount you can! Two tanks filled with 200 bar each, means super long dive times!!! Although, bear in mind we will need to plan and execute the dives accurately and stay well within no-decompression time limits!

Increased Comfort

Side mount configuration forces your body into the natural flat, streamline, “Trim” position. With less weight on your back and the tanks neatly tucked under your arms clipped to your side and a super compact BCD it really does feel like you have nothing on when you are swimming around…


Although side mount takes a little longer to set up, getting into the gear is made much easier with the ability to put the tanks on in the water. Many divers with back problems etc love the ease of donning the tanks on the surface rather than on the boat…

[singlepic id=386 w=320 h=240 float=right]Side mount Diving is fast becoming more and more popular and now Sairee Cottage Diving is following trend by offering the three day course, much like the structure of the Open Water Course students take part in a very brief classroom session. Much of the course is hands on and lots more time in the water. Two confined water sessions learning new techniques for air sharing, gas shutdowns as well as a trim and propulsion workshop ready the student for the three training dives you complete as part of the course.  Recently we completed the first side mount course at Sairee Cottage Diving with our newly qualified Divemasters Lionel Kobi & Emma Ong. They found the course both challenging and rewarding. A little amazed at first with the differences between the single tank and side mount configurations, they impressed with how quickly they learned the new techniques and by the end of the course completed one 84 minute dive at Sairee Reef and two more 70 minute dives around Southwest Pinnacle and the Suttakut Wreck in perfect Trim and Comfort.

Still not convinced? One of the main reasons side mount diving is becoming more and more popular is for the simple fact you look super cool, like a real underwater Ninja! Lets be honest, everyone wants to be a Ninja! Check out the pictures if you don’t believe us!!!


“Learning to dive with a Side Mount configuration was both challenging ad very rewarding. I got to experience a totally new way of diving while learning a range of new skills and techniques. I can recommend this course to any diver wanting to expand their diving knowledge and skill level” Lionel Kobi, Lucerne, Switzerland, March 2014

“The Side Mount course at Sairee Cottage Diving was a fun and challenging three days where we were taught new skills, new body positions, and a new way of diving. I really enjoyed having longer dive times, the added safety of two separate tank, and especially looking cool underwater, Ninja style!” Emma Ong, Melbourne, Australia, March 2014

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