Looking to impress with epic underwater photos? Or maybe you have already started your photography journey but want to improve.. then this is the course for you! Our tailor made underwater photography course is designed to give you all the tools to get you started shooting amazing photos of life under the sea!






We have a selection of cameras (compact and SLR) available for you to use if you are just getting started, or for those of you who have already started you underwater photography journey just bring your camera along and Paddy our talented photographer will help you get the most out of your set up! This course is completely designed to be tailored around your style and interests whether that is wide-angle, macro or a combination of the two. We recommend a minimum of 3 days, however if you desire we can shorten or extend your training to suit your needs.






Firstly, we will get started in the classroom getting to know the camera and how to set up a shot before heading into the pool to put those skills to practice whilst also perfecting our buoyancy. Once we have mastered these skills we head into the ocean to scout out some incredible wildlife and get snapping! After each dive we will then review our photos in a photo editing session.. because thats where the magic happens!

Our professional in-house photographer Paddy has dedicated his life to diving and has been with Sairee Cottage Diving since completing his divemaster course in 2011. With over a decade working with underwater cameras you are in the right hands. He loves shooting people, macro and wide angle and can’t wait to share his passion.

We also offer camera rental or you can hire Paddy as your personal underwater photographer for the day!

Underwater Photography Course Schedule

First Day


8am to 6pm with a lunch break

(includes certification)

Extra Days


10am to 6pm with a lunch break

5000thb / day

Contact us to book your Underwater Photography course and check out Paddy’s Instagram.

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  • Must hold a valid Diving Certification
  • Prove a logged dive within 12 months
  • Medical clearance for diving if you are over 60 (Download Here)
  • Bring swimwear and a notebook