Hi everyone and welcome back to my weekly photography blog.

This week with Sairee Cottage Diving I have been playing around with wide angle shots. I shot this on the Fujifilm finepix f30 with the wide angle wet lens. The benefit of using a wet lens over the usual types of lens is that you can change it while diving. Wet lens’s simply screw in on the outside of the housing so you can take various styles of photo on one dive. Unlike bigger domes for a wide angle lens attatched to the camera, meaning your locked to just wide angle shots, wet lenses can be small enough to fit in your pocket and easily changed underwater.

Diving Koh Tao Natural Light PhotoI have chosen this picture as the colours and natural light have worked so well. I like the way that the beams of light add a nice redish colour to contrast the deep blues and how sharp the bouy line has come out with the bubbles in the distance to give a sense of depth. I hadn’t even planned this shot as part of that days goal but with the visability the way it was while I was waiting on my safety stop I decided to keep playing with the wide angle. It’s a good idea to be ready for any kind of shot while out on a underwater photography dive because you know that as soon as you have descended with your kit all set up for a macro shoot that’s the time you will get lucky and a whale shark will swim past.

Always be prepared and keep an eye out all around you for any surprise shots you were not expecting.


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