KohtaocleanupLast Friday we were fortunate to have some free time, and at Sairee Cottage Diving Koh Tao this means clean up dive time! During our regular fun dives, we sometimes come across a polluted area so when we have an opportunity to go clean it up, we take it. This time it was a dive site called Lighthouse Bay where recent currents have brought in a large number of plastic bottles which are harmful to the local ecosystem.

Collectively the group brought up two large garbage bags worth of plastic. Such a shame to see so much garbage on the sea floor, however there is a lot of satisfaction in cleaning it up!

TrevallyKohTaoIt also feels like the ocean has already rewarded us for our clean up efforts with some of the most incredible visibility we have encountered this year. We do a day trip to Sail Rock every Saturday and had at least 25 meter visibility on our last Diving trip. Our dive took us well off the secret pinnacle into an enormous school of Bigeye Trevally. We hung out with them for the remainder of our dive and everyone managed to capture great footage on their GoPro cameras. Throughout the week, we found the same clarity in the water at Chumpon Pinnacle and Shark Island, where it truly felt like we were flying.

Nick & Lionel

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