During the IDC on Koh Tao at Sairee Cottage Diving we teach a lot about Marine Conservation and Project AWARE. One of our last candidates wanted to share her experience during the ECO Lecture and this is her story:

During my IDC (Instructor Development Course) at Sairee Cottage Diving on Koh Tao I had the luck to be present on one of the most interesting Project Aware Presentations I have ever heard. It was so amazing that inspired me to want to be an active part of it.

The presentation concerns overfishing, pollution and climate change and how these affect our planet in a rate that is more growing now than ever in the earth’s life history. That happens because all these factors are hiding a big danger in extinction of Project AWARE Lecture IDC Koh Taomarine species.

The aim of this project is to make people get involved in stopping uncontrolled fishing with dishonest to the environment ways, reducing the input of pollutants especially plastics, agricultural fertilizers and human waste, making sharp reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

We, divers, that we have a passion with diving and the ocean in general, feel the urge to protect it as if it was one of our basic needs for staying alive, so creating a social network is essential so that we manage to make the whole global aware about this.

A long term goal is to put an end to shark fishing which is the top species of the oceans. If Sharks get disappear from our oceans it would be catastrophic for the underwater life and eventually to human kind as well, because the smaller species would increase dramatically if you take away the biggest from the chain. So it would be catastrophic to extinct sharks, which are the biggest species, because they grow slowly, mature late and have few offspring.

As we all like to blame the Asians for the uncontrolled overfishing many don’t understand that Europe is part of this as well and is responsible for 1/3rd of shark fishing. Spain consists to be a particular problem.

Another long term goal is to reduce marine debris impacts, reduce waste by improving their management practices and finally to end the littering and prevent debris entering the ocean.

Six million (6.000.000) tones of rubbish enters the world’s oceans each year, one million (1.000.000) plastic bags are used every minute of the day, 86% of sea turtles are affected by marine debris. A hundred thousand (100.000) of mammals, including dolphins, whales, seals, and sea turtles choke or get tangled in marine debris every year.

Cleanups are not enough, global awareness for prevention is needed.Project AWARE Lecture IDC Koh Tao Sairee Cottage Diving

We, as divers, make a big enough population so that we can be heard and have an effect on governments, so an eco ccommunity called “My Ocean” was created to draw attention to actions undertaken by divers to show conservation actions via social media and to connect like minded divers and businesses. Through this green credentials are showed off.

One way of making people aware is to create your own website in your own language and start blogging your dives, any conservation actions you are taking for Project Aware purposes and post photos of activities. Through this you can also invite people to involve in reef clean-ups and you could grow your website bigger by directly linking the “My Ocean” webpage to yours’.

This is important because it: engages divers and provides a reason to keep diving, the aquatic environment will not return to an abundant, healthy state without our help, the dive industry will diminish if the attraction to see the underwater world is reduced and we are the ones to witness what is happening to the aquatic world.

Sign up!!! ——>   www.projectaware.org


Project Aware Specialty Courses

  • AWARE – Fish Identification
  • AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation
  • Project AWARE Specialist
  • Project AWARE Shark Conservation Diver
  • Project AWARE Marine Debris Conservation Diver
  • CoralWatch Health Chart Specialty


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