Katie O

Words cannot even do justice to how pleased I am to have been part of the family at sairee cottage for my IDC. I had an absolutely mind blowing experience.… Read full review “Katie O”

Nubia I

Sincerely all the team in Sairee Cottage is the best, are compromised people they care about you and are interested in how can they Help you succeed .. Thanks specially… Read full review “Nubia I”

Flavia B

During September I did my Instructor Development Course at Sairee Cottage Diving and I can highly recommend to do it there. I had such a good time with them on… Read full review “Flavia B”

Igor V

I finished IDC with Marcel just few months ago, and it was an overall great experience, As you are looking for the right course director it’s hectic enough and scary… Read full review “Igor V”

Joonwoo C

I have recently completed a instructor course with platinum course director Marcel. I recommend scuba diving to you who want to safely experience a new adventure. Most of all, The… Read full review “Joonwoo C”

Thomas D

This has been so amazing, I have no wordz. Marcel and Julian is the best. I will do it all over again in a heartbeat. Experience and knowledge is power,… Read full review “Thomas D”

Andromache D

I am very happy I chose to do my IDC at Sairee Cottage!! Marcel is a person who understands people and knows how to put everything you need in your… Read full review “Andromache D”

Helen X

I will definitely recommend Sairee Cottage for anyone who would like to do their IDC in Koh Tao!!
A couple of reasons:
You got free accommodation, free lunch… Read full review “Helen X”

Lex S

Having decided to take the plunge and change career to become a diving instructor I knew that there was only one course director who I wanted to do my IDC… Read full review “Lex S”

Andrew D

I came and got my Advanced Open Water Diver three years ago at Sairee Cottage Diving., so when I decided to come back and do my IDC, it just seemed… Read full review “Andrew D”

Daniel W

Life changing experience Koh tao. What a place. I didn’t really knew this place bevor I came here. I didn’t even knew what to think about.
I just wanted… Read full review “Daniel W”

Oscar S

Doing my IDC at Sairee Cottage Diving was definitively the best choice ever! In part because I loved the place, beautiful Island, the best facilities in Koh tao, but also… Read full review “Oscar S”

Andre V

Did my IDC with the course director Marcel and the staff Julian, Joseph and Martin. And couldn’t have a better experience! The whole course was amazing! Great facilities and for… Read full review “Andre V”

Tom C

I completed my IDC at Sairee Cottage and from what I’ve seen it is one of the best places around. The people are friendly, facilities are great and most importantly… Read full review “Tom C”

Luke T

Had such a good doing the IDC. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. Marcel is the Koh Tao king of diving! Thanks to the team for all the help and… Read full review “Luke T”

Benson Y

I spent 3 months at Sairee Cottage Diving and I had amazing 3 months here. I did my EFR, Rescue, DMT and IDC with amazing teaching team of Sairee Cottage… Read full review “Benson Y”

Casey R

Seriously some of the best people in the world here! I Would recommend Sairee Cottage Diving to anyone and everyone who comes to Koh Tao. Marcel is the greatest of… Read full review “Casey R”

Kobus H

Sairee Cottage Diving IDC
After traveling the world and it’s seven seas and much contemplation, I decided to do my IDC and MSDTI at Sairee Cottage Diving. The PADI… Read full review “Kobus H”

Jason W

Doing my IDC at Sairee Cottage Diving was the best decision I’ve made. I did my DMT at Sairee Cottage Diving last year and didn’t think it could get any… Read full review “Jason W”

Drew M

My IDC at Sairee Cottage Diving was a truly fantastic experience, The Course Director Marcel is a natural teacher who is super passionate and knowledgeable about diving. He and his… Read full review “Drew M”

Camille G

Choosing Sairee Cottage to do your IDC is the best choice you can make, I really mean it. You know I arrived here by recommendation actually and everyone were saying… Read full review “Camille G”

Kyumin K

Choosing Sairee Cottage Diving to do my IDC was one of my best decisions I’ve ever made in my life- Marcel and Julian made it all happen as I hoped.… Read full review “Kyumin K”

Nikita V

I did the classic ‘come to Koh Tao, fall in love with the place’ and knew I’d be back. I had already done my initial training with Sairee Cottage so… Read full review “Nikita V”

About Koh Tao Thailand 10

Amye W

I spent many long hours, days and weeks researching the best place to enroll in an IDC program. I had five main criteria. I wanted a highly rated 5 star… Read full review “Amye W”

Dennis E

Did my IDC here in January, it was great working with all the people from the shop! Marcel, Kody and Julian were great instructors and would help any time of… Read full review “Dennis E”

Anthony W

Awesome experience, learned a lot from this course.
Marcel’s lectures are informative, also he was very patient, if you needed extra help he was always there. The lectures were… Read full review “Anthony W”

Wendy D

It’s already a few months ago that I did my Divemaster and IDC at Sairee Cottage. I had the best time ever. Only planned to do my divemaster, but just… Read full review “Wendy D”

Lee K

The experience I had at Sairee Cottage was simply life changing. I arrived with the plan of doing my Divemaster course and ended up leaving as a Master Scuba Diving… Read full review “Lee K”

Leopard L

IDC @ Sairee Cottage Diving is to date one of the best dive training experience I have! Course Direction Marcel and Staff Instructor Julian had patiently guided us in developing… Read full review “Leopard L”

Martin T

I completed my IDC at Sairee Cottage with Marcel in November and I can honestly say it’s one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The knowledge I… Read full review “Martin T”

Ricky D

After wanting to do my IDC for 10 years I had been looking at many schools in many countries. After doing lots of research and reading countless reviews, I finally… Read full review “Ricky D”

Elwin K

I did my IDC in November 2017 with Sairee Cottage Diving and it was the best choice so far ! Ideal location in the centre of Sairee beach, the dive… Read full review “Elwin K”

Sarah N

I came to Koh Tao to do my Instructor Development Course, originally with a different company. However, upon hearing about Sairee Cottage, and many people recommending their IDC program, I… Read full review “Sarah N”

Cobus M

Six months ago i decided to go to Koh Tao and take up scuba diving like I always wanted. With so much choice around and no reference to base my… Read full review “Cobus M”

Sheldon G

I’ve recently completed divemaster program with Sairee Cottage, and I must say, it’s been the best decision I’ve made to complete it at this particular dive school.
The facilities,… Read full review “Sheldon G”

Valeriia V

I recently did my IDC at Sairee Cottage and it was definitely a great choice! It seems like 2 weeks is not enough to learn a lot, however my experience… Read full review “Valeriia V”

Genevieve G

I have known Marcel for a while now so when it came to looking for a place to do my IDC, there was no question about it. I had a… Read full review “Genevieve G”

Maggie H

Have just completed my IDC at Sairee Cottage .. I made a choice to commit to the challenge .. which is just as well .. as every day brought fresh… Read full review “Maggie H”

Flor M

I recently did my IDC at Sairee Cottage, it was an incredible experience, I really learned how to handle myself with students, how to use different tools to make people… Read full review “Flor M”

Barbara T

I had a great time at Sairee Cottage during and after my IDC. The facilities are excellent, crystal clear pool, well maintained equipment and amazing staff not just at the… Read full review “Barbara T”

Jay H

The IDC course in Sairee Cottage was brilliant. I was so well prepared that when it came to the actual exams and practical stuff, I thought it was pretty easy.… Read full review “Jay H”

Gerard M

Great all round atmosphere. Great instructor Maddy who was amazing in her delivery and teaching. Really enjoyed for having zero experience in Scuba. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to… Read full review “Gerard M”

Andreas P

Marcel Van Den Berg is the Course Director and I cannot express strongly enough what an amazing IDC it was. During the course Marcel gave 110% to all of us… Read full review “Andreas P”

Basia M

I did my IDC at Sairee Cottage and it was great choice. Our course director Marcel van den Berg prepared us very well so we all passed with high scores.… Read full review “Basia M”

Roman-Michael F

The perfect paradise place with excellent Scuba professionals.The equipment is new or professional maintained and looking nice. For example the Sidemount Equipment is from Hollis. Same the nice traditional boats.… Read full review “Roman-Michael F”

Simon L

I’ve been doing my dive training with Sairee Cottage Diving for a few months now – I came as an advanced open water diver but have since done Emergency First… Read full review “Simon L”

Nikki M

I completed my IDC with Sairee Cottage Diving in December 2016 and could not have chosen a better place! So much fun through learning! I was very nervous during the… Read full review “Nikki M”

Peter S

I went to Sairee cottage to do my, IDC and MSDT, it was a fantastic experience, I made a lot of great friends and Marcel the course director couldn’t have… Read full review “Peter S”

Bart B

Highly recommended! Course director Marcel van den Berg trains his IDC students well beyond PADI requirements and his course material is elaborate, really good!! Sairee Cottage Diving has a big… Read full review “Bart B”

Brigita S

Just finished my IDC & MSDT. It was great, I have met so many amazing people. Course director – Marcel and IDC staff instructor Charly (Sharky) prepared us well for… Read full review “Brigita S”

Leon A

After working as a PADI Divemaster in Australia for 8 years I decided to do my instructors cert. in February 2016. I choose Sairee Cottage because family and friends had… Read full review “Leon A”

Taz W

I completed my IDC and MSDT at Sairee Cottage Diving with Marcel in August 2015 and really enjoyed the course and content. The structure was great and since I had… Read full review “Taz W”

Marc P

What an amazing experience !!
Did part of my MSDT there. For sure, the best and the most professional diving center at Koh Tao. Only highly experienced instructors with… Read full review “Marc P”

Mike J

I did my IDC with Sairee Cottage Diving and it was outstanding. As a mature diver it provided everything I needed from excellent instruction and guidance to secure, clean and… Read full review “Mike J”

Ben L

I chose to do my IDC and MSDT at Sairee cottage without ever visiting Thailand or knowing Koh Tao at all. When I discovered it is the busiest dive island… Read full review “Ben L”

Sameer B

I chose to complete my IDC and MSDT at Sairee cottage diving and I am very happy that I made the choice to do it with the Sairee Cottage fam.… Read full review “Sameer B”

Nga Tran

… If you’re still looking around for a diving school, the search can be ended here … full review

Monty Traister

… made our time learning enjoyable and kept everything super chill. I will definitely be coming back … full review

Kevin K

… experience of a life time. Thank you so much for your patience and high quality training … full review

Chris Ogw

… an excellent place to learn if you are searching for a diving school in Koh Tao … full review


… taught in a way so that whenever a question popped up in my head, she would answer it … full review

Callan M

… crew were complete professionals from the get go, honestly couldn’t have asked for a better diving experience … full review

Caroline H

… this place stands out from its competitors because of the ‘family feel’ they give to customers … more reviews

Rohan V

… these guys presented a tremendous course and I learned an awful lot from them … more reviews

Carl B

… the most passionate instructors I’ve come across in any industry coupled with great facilities … more reviews