The New Year has come and gone and thus far 2014 has been great and it only holds more promise for us here at Sairee Cottage Diving.  As the island and the dive shop continue to grow in popularity, Sairee Cottage Diving has continued to evolve and expand in our effort to provide a great resort diving experience and top-quality PADI courses.

[singlepic id=376 w=320 h=240 float=right]We’ve recently upgraded the resort with a brand new diving-focused pool.  Located just meters from Sairee Beach and right underneath the elevated student classrooms, the new pool boasts a three meter deep plunge pool, additional space to stretch out during pool training, and a swim up pool bar for recently certified students looking to celebrate getting their PADI certificate!  The addition of a diving-focused pool has always been a part of the long-term vision and it now with nearing completion, the instructors are all enthusiastic about how much more effective the pool will be for teaching.  It goes without saying that everyone is excited about the pool bar as well with specialty imported beers on the menu!

[singlepic id=307 w=320 h=240 float=left]We’re also proud to announce that Sairee Cottage has been nominated to be the Bauer Compressors Show Case dive shop for the entire South East Asian region.  After visiting the island last fall, Bauer representatives noticed that Sairee Cottage was one of  the few dive shops to use factory-packed, hermetically sealed filters which conform to European standards.  They recognized dive shop owner Trevor Emerson’s desire to provide the highest quality, cleanest compressed air possible and decided to lend their support.  By becoming Bauer’s “Show Case” center, Sairee Cottage is adding a second Pure Air compressor, which will allow us to provide our customers with the highest standard of compressed air in every single tank.  The resort will also be able to provide a wider range of non-diving courses including compressor maintenance and advanced gas blending, all taught by certified Bauer professionals.  For more about what it means to provide “Pure Air”, see our blog

In keeping with our efforts to provide customers with the best resort diving experience possible, our main diving boat spent the winter at the shipyards in Chumphon, undergoing a sweeping [singlepic id=375 w=320 h=240 float=right]retrofit.  At Sairee Cottage you won’t have to sit on hard and hot wooden boat decks for dive briefings or surface intervals like you do on most other dive boats. We’ve added a comfortable private cabin with cushions, fans, and flat screen television; an improved galley to supply breakfast and lunch for our day-long Sail Rock trip; and best of all – padded cushions and lounge area on the top deck.  We can say confidently that our boat is one of [singlepic id=377 w=320 h=240 float=right]the most comfortable in Koh Tao!

More resort additions are planned for later this year – additional classrooms, a roof top terrace, and a revamped equipment setup and teaching area at the back of the shop are all in the plans.  The first quarter of 2014 has been a success already and as Dive Shop Owner Trevor Emerson says, “With the brand new pool and retrofitted big boat, and as Koh Tao continues to grow as a scuba-diving destination, we’re looking forward to the rest of the year.”

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