Divemaster Graduation

On St Patrick’s day, we finished and welcomed 7 new Divemaster candidates into the fantastic world of professional scuba diving. We all gathered by the pool bar for a BBQ and a few craft beers before we conducted their snorkel test. It was hilarious and a fantastic way to spend our afternoon off from diving. Congratulations to our newest Divemasters Shelly, Denise, Phil, Jack, Jeroen, Brian and Martin. Now we look forward to giving them some real world experience as dive leaders and some of them will go on to do their Instructor Development Course here at Sairee Cottage Diving with PADI Course Director Marcel.

In anticipation of welcoming new Divemaster Trainees to join our current group, we have added ten brand new sets of Scuba equipment to our already excellent equipment room ready to be taken diving.

Project Aware Beach Clean Upsnew PADI Divemaster Koh Tao Clean Up

Sairee Cottage Diving is 100% Eco Aware, which means we care about the impact we have as divers on the ocean environment. Part of the problem is small plastic debris and other waste which marine life, especially turtles, mistake for food. They are unable to digest plastic and it gets stuck in their abdominal system and they starve as a result of this. As diving instructors and divemasters we want to set an example and inspire others to be eco aware and do their part. We have done several beach clean ups this week on Sairee Beach Koh Tao. It will make tourists think twice about flicking that cigarette butt in the sand or leaving their empty Chang bottles right on the beach.

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