Deep Diver 40m


We love deep diving! Even after your first scuba dives, you soon want to dive deeper and explore! There is something so mysterious and exciting about deeper dive sites that it’s no surprise so many divers decide to get this 40m certification. With this specialty you’ll learn how to safely dive in the 18m to 40m depth range over 3 to 4 deep dives.







Wreck Diver


Whether sunk on purpose to form an artificial reef or the result of a mishap, wrecks make fascinating windows to the past. Wrecked ships, automobiles or planes make irresistible dive sites with plenty to explore and see, usually teaming with wildlife.

The Wreck Diver course will teach you the techniques to dive wrecks safely and responsibly, avoiding common hazards and even giving you the skills needed to penetrate into wrecks. Dive the HTMS Sattukut, a 50m long Battleship.







Enriched Air Nitrox


The Enriched Air course or ‘Nitrox’ is the most popular specialty. Diving with Nitrox means a higher oxygen content in your tank, giving you longer No Decompression Limits. You can stay down for longer and get back into the water sooner with Nitrox!

You’ll learn equipment considerations, general diving considerations including how to manage oxygen exposure and tell what’s in your scuba tank. You can do it all in one day just in the classroom or decide to take two nitrox dives to really see the benefits of enriched air!

Dry 4250

2 Dives 8000

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  • To be over 10 years of age or 12 years for Nitrox.
  • Hold an Adventure Diver certification. Open Water for Nitrox.
  • Be medically fit according to the medical statement. (Download Here)