Hi everyone and welcome back to another one of my underwater photography blogs with Sairee Cottage Diving, Koh Tao, Thailand. This blog I would like to talk about the advantages and fun challenges of snorkeling photography.

Snorkeling Photography

First of all not everyone that enjoys under water photography is a diver. Many people are fans because looking at under water photography is their only way of experiencing this alien word. Secondly, most diving locations around the world are expensive holiday destinations so most people can’t afford to dive as much as they would like to. Therefore snorkeling photography gives us more opportunities to shoot amazing underwater images.

The benefits of snorkeling photography start with things as simple as the fact that we don’t need to worry about running out of air or watch any no deco limits. This allows us as much time as we want. We are however limited to the surface and as far as we feel comfortable to free dive down to. This means that to avoid aiming down and limiting light into the camera, we either have to stay shallow or wait for marine creatures to swim up to our level.

Koh Tao Snorkeling With Turtle

Being on the surface means we are in prime position for some great action shots of marine mammals and reptiles surfacing for a breath of air. A shot usually very hard to get when diving. We can also play with light in a whole new way as we now have surface reflections and ripples making for some great abstract images. Or we can just give a nice twist to a normal looking shot.

Snorkeling Photography Snorkeler Turtle

While on the surface we are also at the mercy of water movement. Keeping a steady camera in waves or a current can present extra challenges. With duck diving you might feel that you are slightly positively buoyant. While trying to frame a shot you float upwards slowly meaning you would need to anchor yourself onto something like a rock making sure not to harm any form of marine life.

Snorkeling photography comes with some extra challenges that scuba diving photography doesn’t have. It also gives us some added safety measures and some unique opportunities only possible at the surface to get some beautiful photos.

Snorkeling View Underwater World Koh Tao

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