The Blacktip Reef Shark (Carcharhinus Melanopterus)

Are You on Koh Tao and looking for something different?
Or you’re having a day off from diving & looking for some excitement?
Are maybe you’re just bored out of your skin and sick of the Ladyboy shows?

[singlepic id=152 w=320 h=240 float=left]Here is a different idea for you! Shark Bay, located in the South of the island, offers you a fantastic opportunity to get up-close and very near to Black Tip Reef Sharks. Blacktip reef sharks have extremely small home ranges and exhibit strong site fidelity, remaining within the same local area for up to several years if they find enough food. Timid and skittish, the blacktip reef shark is difficult to approach and seldom poses a danger to humans. As this is the case it is advisable to only used snorkeling equipment in the shark bay area as the bubbles from the scuba equipment can startle the sharks & scare them away. Yes believe it or not the poor sharks would be more frightened of you than you are of them! By swimming slowly on the surface without moving much, you will have the best chances to see sharks.

Shark Bay or Rocky Bay, how it was previously called, is set in the South of Koh Tao. The bay not only offers great snorkeling opportunities but only a short swim away is the tranquil beach named Au Thian Og Bay. Although the Sharks can be seen throughout the day it is advised that the best time to experience a shark encounter is later in the afternoon, from around 3pm until sunset. Be careful with the sun though, always ware at least a t-shirt when you go snorkeling with the sharks.You probably will spend much more time in the water than you intended to and the sunlight is very strong in the afternoon even if the sky is partially cloudy.

South Koh Tao

Do not hesitate to make the day of your trip to the South of the Island worth the while though, and also visit the other attractions in this area. The main Town of the area is Chaolk ban Kao, a great escape from the busier Sairee Beach, with a variety of small Thai Restaurants & Shops it is very enjoyable to spend some time around for a few hours. You can even find a local shooting range here, if the Sharks haven’t filled your day with enough excitement already!

[singlepic id=150 w=320 h=240 float=right]On the West Side of Shark Bay there is the easily accessible New Heaven Resort, with a glorious view of both Au Thian Og beach, Shark Bay & also Shark Island, New Heaven is a great spot to have a drink or a quick bite to eat for lunch. A variety of choice from western to Thai cuisine will suit almost everyone’s taste. On a clear day you can even spot the sharks from the elevated view, which is an ideal way to learn in what area the Sharks are, when you enter the water. A small walk down the steps of New Heaven resort and you are in the vicinity of where the sharks hang out. Although do be advised that there is not a sandy area here, so there are a few rocks you have to navigate over before entering the water.

How to get to the Shark Bay, or the South of the Island

If you have access to a scooter you can easily make your way down the main road of Koh Tao to the South end and it is also fairly accessible to get your scooter to the New Heaven Resort. The bay of Au Thian Og has not been so easily accessible in recent months due to renovation of property in the area. Taxi’s are also available from Sairee, normally a starting price of 300 baht is standard, this price can increase depending on how many people are traveling (100 Baht per person could be expected)

[singlepic id=151 w=320 h=240 float=left]Visiting the South of the Island is a great way to spend a day of your time in Koh Tao, it not only gets you away from Sairee for a short while but also lets you see other parts of the Island that most people who visit Koh Tao, don’t normally see. This trip could be a day out that everyone in your group enjoys, from eating to sunbathing to Snorkeling with Sharks. A fantastic way to spend any spare time on Koh Tao. Also available around the island are underwater camera’s, a great way to capture what is a once in a lifetime experience!!!


On your way back to Sairee be sure to enjoy a relaxing Drink in Chalok Ban Kao, Eazy Bar located next to Easy Divers has a very peaceful vibe just a few steps away from the beach with a great view of the setting sun in the west. Be sure you try the Mojito Methods cocktail… A great way to end a fun & exciting day!!!
Check it out folks, I make sure I get down there at least once a month!!!
Cheers for now!

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