PADI Skill Circuit IDC Sairee Cottage Diving Koh Tao ThailandKoh Tao, Thailand – It’s the second day of the IDC at Sairee Cottage Diving here on the sunny island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, and we kicked off the morning with a skills circuit.  Not only is this a great way to refresh the skills learned on the Divemaster course; our IDC candidates are encouraged to reach beyond the standards set by most PADI IDC centres in Thailand and beyond.
We worked with our IDC candidates until they far surpassed the minimum performance requirements, and didn’t stop until our three SCDM’s (that’s Sairee Cottage Diving Musketeers to the uninitiated) all achieved the top scores of 5.0 We are one of the only IDC centres in Koh Tao and Thailand that do not stop working until all IDC candidates are the best they can be, repeating the skills until all have achieved the best score possible – and that means full marks for everybody!

We also had time to do some Rescue Course exercises, as many of our IDC candidates haven’t practiced these skills since they were a DMT, and our PADI Staff instructors relished the chance to practice their “panicked diver” (and work up and appetite for lunch).  Our purpose built pool at Sairee Cottage Diving is perfecm  t for conducting such exercises, and when the sun starts to creep towards midday there really is no better place to keep cool in Koh Tao, actually make that the whole of Thailand…

All that fun in the sun meant we wolfed down our lunch of Pizza, it was the quietest we had seen our IDC candidates in their whole time at Sairee Cottage Diving! And no wonder, the thin and crispy pizzas are one of the most popular dishes on Koh Tao.

Koh Tao IDC Sairee Cottage Diving ThailandThe afternoon saw the DMTs join the IDC candidates in our air conditioned for some IDC exam lectures. Although the DMTs don’t need to know all the information, Sairee Cottage Diving believe that knowledge is power, and once again leads the way on Koh Tao to ensure our Divemaster course fully prepares you for your future diving career, including your IDC.

We covered Dive Decompression Theory, Equipment and Skills and Environment.  Thought you knew everything about your equipment? Think again!

Fun facts, pizza and pool time, what a great way to spend the second day of the IDC at Sairee Cottage Diving in Thailand – we can’t wait for the next few days here on Koh Tao!



Jodie Jodes – Sairee Cottage Diving, Koh Tao Thailand

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