Scuba Diving Koh Tao is Amazing

Hello everybody and welcome back to my latest underwater photography blog with Sairee Cottage Diving. Scuba diving Ko Tao’s amazing reefs with a camera is my job. This week I have chosen a bit of a strange photo for my photo of the week. I say strange, because it is not the conventional, even lighting, seen in most underwater images. I set and adjusted the strobes properly for the distance I planned to be from the anemone. The first couple of shots were lit correctly, however as I was shooting into the current I had to kick gently to stay at the right distance. On this shot I kicked a bit too hard and got too close so the strobes. They were then angled too wide for this shot. This created the dark patch in the centre of the anemone. This would usually make me delete a shot. With this one however, I was also trying to get the sun shinning down into the frame. This managed to even out the overall exposure in this shot. The final composition, with the school of fish arching in the background and the pink anemone fish (Amphiprion Perideraian) arching its body, is a pleasing image. By running the image through Lightroom and pulling as much information out of the shadows as it would allow, I managed to get a bit more than just the tips of the tentacles illuminated but still have them disappearing into the darkness in the centre of the anemone.

Scuba Diving Koh Tao Deserves Amazing Photos

If you have any questions about my photography or any requests for shots you would like to see in the future please contact us and let me know. One of your first steps might be to take your PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty at Sairee Cottage Diving. If you are thinking of becoming a professional digital underwater photographer, you should start by scuba diving Koh Tao and become a Divemaster at Sairee Cottage Diving.

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