Hi everyone. Welcome back to my weekly underwater photography blog with Sairee Cottage Diving, Koh Tao, Thailand.

This week I decided to choose this macro shot of a Metallic Faced Goby.

Sairee Cottage Diving - Metallic Faced Goby

There are many different types of Gobies that share a symbiotic relationship with their little Shrimp homemaker but the Metallic Faced Goby, portrays the best colours. They are pretty hard to find around Koh Tao so when I managed to find a couple of them living near each other, I had to find out which one of them, would allow me to get close enough to get a shot!

I was using my new Inon Macro Lens, which meant that I needed to work very close to the Goby. I thus, needed a pretty patient Goby.

Once I managed to get close enough for the right focus, I had to wait for the Goby to come out far enough for me to be able see some of the colours of its’ fins and face.

Unfortunately they were a bit too skittish to allow me to get any closer, and certainly not when the Shrimp was popping in and out of their home. It is interesting to note that their attitude seems to change by the day; sometimes you can get the camera right up close, other times they would hide the second they catch sight of you.

I’m still relatively new to using strobes and very new to using wet lenses, so I’m pretty happy with this photo.

If you would like to try underwater photography or would just like to see these Gobies then please contact us at www.saireecottagediving.com to book your diving holiday today.

– Paddy Steele

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