SSI Diving Instructor Trainer Neil Francis

[singlepic id=154 w=320 h=240 float=left]May and June have been busy months for our Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer Neil.
The beginning of May saw Mel and Jono begin their SSI Dive Master course soon followed by Lillian, Kristoffer and Stefanie. These guys have really put in the effort over the last few weeks and are already taking up the next challenge of becoming Dive Control Specialists.
Now, that they have learned all about scuba diving, it’s time for them to get their teeth into the teaching side of the diving industry.

During the Dive Control Specialist course, they will all be delivering classroom presentations and in-water presentations involving a lot of problem solving. Neil, with the help of Chris and Sarah, who are currently upgrading their instructor rating to Dive Control Specialist Instructor, will be putting the guys through their paces, ensuring that when certified, they are capable of teaching classroom and in-water sessions to the highest standard.

Watch out world. Jono is coming!

Big congratulations to Ida Bergland, Kirsten Sheppard, Rachel Kelley, Bodie Greenwood, Peter Johansson and Dan Glater who all completed their SSI Crossover with Neil during the past month. For those who don’t know about the SSI instructor Crossover; it’s a 2 day course allowing diving instructors from other agencies to become an SSI Instructors.

[singlepic id=153 w=320 h=240 float=right]The idea of the SSI Cross Over is not to teach already qualified diving instructors how to teach, they already know how to do that, but rather to introduce them to the SSI philosophy of teaching how to dive. They will also familiarize themselves with all the training materials that are provided by SSI. Dan chose to complete his SSI Crossover on Koh Tao as more of an internship, by following Neil on a complete SSI Open Water Diver Course, and completing the theory during a couple of evening classes. It’s a great way to do the crossover “on-the-job” or if you have a busy schedule.
The next crossover is scheduled for August 4th. Check out for further schedules or to contact Neil Francis directly. You can also contact us here and ask for the next SSI Crossover date on Koh Tao.

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