I’ve been doing my dive training with Sairee Cottage Diving for a few months now – I came as an advanced open water diver but have since done Emergency First Responder, Rescue, DiveMaster, and the IDC courses… and I have just started my training for the PADI MSDT programme. I’ve been diving in a few places around the world (still many more to go!) but I can honestly say this is the most professional centre I have seen yet.

The facilities are absolutely great – the training pool is really useful (and also has a bar), and the dive boat is really spacious. If you do courses here there are deals on accommodation, and all the staff are really friendly and knowledgeable. It definitely makes diving much more enjoyable. Sairee Cottage Diving is also on a great part of Sairee Beach so you can head in either direction and always find somewhere decent to eat/drink/chill.

I should really take the time to mention Gaz Jameson and Marcel van den Berg, who run the DiveMaster and IDC/MSDT courses respectively. All the staff here are willing to put in the extra time with students but I think in large part its due to the example these guys set – they are great divers, and great teachers who try and make sure you get the most out of the PADI courses. I feel like I have a proper understanding of diving and not just been rushed through to tick some boxes.

If you’ve never tried diving, or want to take it further with your training I could not recommend this place highly enough!!

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