The perfect paradise place with excellent Scuba professionals.The equipment is new or professional maintained and looking nice. For example the Sidemount Equipment is from Hollis. Same the nice traditional boats. The Sairee Cottage Diving Compressor win the pure air Award 2016.The condition of the compressors is so good that they got a second big Bauer compressor for free from Bauer!
The Water in the pool is crystal clear and the ambiance is fabulous with view to the sea and daily sunset. The same view from the balcony of the classroom, office, Restaurant and so on.
My PADI IDC MSDT and Internship by Sairee Cottage Diving was unbelievable and changing my life. PADI Course Director Marcel van den Berg 492721 is way more than a good Person and the best Teacher ever. In the beginning of the Course was my English bad and I took notes and notes. Couldn’t listen all the new interesting things.The list is endless to explain all the good things I learned there.I have learned disabilities and Marcel was teaching me sometimes till midnight. From 60 Theory questions I finally had 2 wrong and in the 50 Standard Questions 3 wrong answers.
The Head Divemaster Gal Whright is probably the best Divemaster worldwide. Instructor Emma Ong learns the students to dive safe and have FUN. From Marcel and Emma I have a big list of great jokes and James Hawes teaching also Rescue in a high quality and nice way.
There are more professionals Gaz,Jameson and Denja Wood-Smith teaching Divemasters. So many things the DMT learn in Sairee Cottage I have never seen before.
If you like to learn Scuba Diving with the PADI System from Bubblemaker (min Age 8 years old) or IDC Staff Instructor or Open Water etc. The best place I know is Sairee Cottage Diving 84280 Koh Tao, Surathani Gulf of Thailand. What a great Dive Team Captain Boat, Bungalow, Office and Restaurant Staff.Friends family and other dive pro friends will come soon to enjoy and me again and again for learning more and work with Sairee Cottage Diving to safe the Environment under Water at the Beach on the Island. I also will inspire more and trying hard to connect Companies and Governments for create more Solutions concerning the world plastic, other garbage and Environmental Problems.
I write only one sentence more it’s just incredible.In my Scuba dives around Koh Tao I dived 7 times with a Whale Shark.
Thank you all and go on.
Best regards,
Roman-Michael Frey-Lozada del Castro

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