Have just completed my IDC at Sairee Cottage .. I made a choice to commit to the challenge .. which is just as well .. as every day brought fresh skills to acquire and new knowledge to develop. It was great to build on my DM skills and see the outcome of those building blocks become something real and tangible. Most importantly was our great teacher Marcel , who took us through the components of the training and made this feel like ‘real life’ as well as having the IE event firmly in the horizon ! Marcel is passionate about people, and fish ! He is also supremely patient and for those of us [ that is me ] who think ‘ I can’t do maths , I can’t do physics …. well I can … with the right tools and time , even this was possible – raising my percentage from 60 to 90 % .. WOW .
Most of all Marcel has the belief in his students that they will , with the emphasis on ‘will’ be fantastic instructors and that belief is carried into every aspect of his teaching.
Great facilities on site , with a classroom view of the ocean and a pool for practice .. I would choose this again … but hey I don’t need to .. as we all passed the IDC .. and my classmates have just passed their IE too [ mine will be here in London ] So a super intensive 2 weeks that I will always remember !

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