Choosing Sairee Cottage Diving to do my IDC was one of my best decisions I’ve ever made in my life- Marcel and Julian made it all happen as I hoped. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to come all the way here! Such professional and supportive mentors they were as they always were willing to stay with me in the classroom til late if I need extra help on my weaknesses of theory stuff.

I was quite stressed with the fact that English wasn’t my first language and thinking it would be a big challenge for me especially in terms of theory part. Marcel and Julian made sure it would not be a problem at all by explaining everything well with patience and always double checked if I fully understood. And it turned out I got surprisingly good scores at IE!

Apart from professionalism of the instructors, the facilities such as a well maintained classroom made me always comfortable to study all day as well. Other instructors of the dive shop were also always supportive and try to give good advices. Free lunch everyday was also a great inclusion. And so much more to talking about good things about doing IDC at Sairee Cottage Diving!

Thank you so much again to Marcel, Julian and not to forget about Maddy!

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