Words cannot even do justice to how pleased I am to have been part of the family at sairee cottage for my IDC. I had an absolutely mind blowing experience. The classroom is comfortable and in the perfect beachside location. The curriculum is over and above requirements and so thoroughly prepares you for what’s to come in the IE. The course itself is hands on and intensive but so enjoyable and really encourages learning and teamwork.

Marcel is actually one of my favourite teachers I’ve ever had. A man so full of knowledge and passion that you can’t help but be excited about even what seems to be the most mundane aspect of the world of diving. He speaks with enthusiasm and folds in personal stories relevant to learning topics frequently which makes the whole thing so much more relatable. You aren’t just being led by a course director, you are being shaped but a wonderful human who sincerely cares about you and your success. Do you need special attention or one on one work? The boys will sit with you all night if need be, and will always be ready to answer even midnight messages if that’s what it takes.

Furthermore Marcel attracts a very special team of support in his staff instructors. Julián Picco, his second in command, is an absolute darling with all of the patience in the world for whatever you can throw at him. Even the smallest most obvious questions will be answered and explained with love. He is going to be an absolutely fantastic course director himself one day considering all of his experience and guidance with Marcel. Oscar and Nubia, our staff instructors in training were also an absolute delight.

I am now an instructor after a whirlwind of the last two and a half weeks but I also have come out of the course with new friends and even stronger bonds with the scuba family that I knew before but really embraced through this course. I feel ready to take on the world.

Thank you Marcel, Julián, Oscar and Nubia. Love you guys to the moon and will be forever greatful for how you not just taught me, but shaped me into a confident, comfortable instructor.
1000000 thumbs up and all the smiles and love.
Get over here and join the family!

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