I finished IDC with Marcel just few months ago, and it was an overall great experience,

As you are looking for the right course director it’s hectic enough and scary at the same time as many thoughts come and go wether it’s the right choice or not, shall I do it or just lay back and spend my money on something else.

Well I am extremely glad I listened to myself and made the right choice completing IDC with Marcel and Sairee Cottage. He always goes an extra mile to make sure you will be not just ready for your IE but ready for the real life and his goal is to make you a great & knowledgeable instructor.

On the skill exam maximum score is a 5.0, but he motivates and teaches you that you strive for a 6.0 and no less. I found a lot of motivation during our classes and much more after I finished the internship. I Learned how to be a good leader and gonna carry on a good example thanks to him.

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