I will definitely recommend Sairee Cottage for anyone who would like to do their IDC in Koh Tao!!
A couple of reasons:
You got free accommodation, free lunch during IDC, free 20 pure fun diving trips( which is together 40 dives), free mask strip, free T-shirt and free X-mas hat if you are doing it at the end if the year…
You’ve got Marcel as your course director, an amazing Dutch who is absolutely always as funny as hell through all the classes and daily life also. It’s loads of info. you will get during IDC, but with Marcel, l guarantee that you will never ever fall asleep in class!! You will be studying laughing all the time! What’s more important than never getting bored and always having fun when suffering studying?
Marcel and assistant instructor Julian were always there for us when never we need extra help and they really make sure that everybody study and practice a lot so all of us can pass the IE at the end!!And so we did happily with our cute X’mas hats!
If you have any questions before going for the IDC, feel free to send Marcel a message or email coz he will always be there happily to answer your questions instantly! Go with Sairee Cottage and l promise you will finish your IDC smiling for sure!