Life changing experience

Koh tao. What a place. I didn’t really knew this place bevor I came here. I didn’t even knew what to think about.
I just wanted to come here to find a cheap place to do my Diveinstructor. I wouldn’t even wanted to dive there much because I thought the most common fish in this region has tow fins and a tank on it’s back.
But it’s way more than this. It is love. Love to the nature and love to share. It is community. It is family. 
Maybe you won’t find this everywhere but I can promise that you are going to have this feeling at Sairre Cottage and it’s staff.
Especially Marcel (Coursedirector) and Julien are the most helpful and lovleys instructors.
Their passion of diving and sharing this passion is so fascinating that a classroom day never gets boring or a pool/open water session always is funny and serious at the same time.
They definitely made me missing this place and changed my young mind. In a positive way. I would do my Instructor Development Course there again and can recommend to everyone who is currently thinking about doing it. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for everything.

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