There is no greater factor in the world of recreational SCUBA diving than safety. For example your instructor will encourage you to perform all the skills necessary to be a safe diver to the highest standard. The dive school will ensure that all of your equipment is serviced to a high level of working order. The diving agencies worldwide ensure that whatever your level may be that you limit yourself to your abilities and maintain the theory that a conservative diver is more often than not a safe one.

Here at Sairee Cottage Diving we go one step further to ensure your utmost safety and enjoyment. We ensure that the air that you breathe is of un-paralleled purity. The way we obtain the maximum purity within the tank, we use a Pure Air Bauer Kompressoren (a pure air compressor.) In fact we are the only dive school on Koh Tao to use such a compressor. Our maintenance staff have been fully trained in the proper use of this Pure Air compressor and have been certified by the Bauer Head Office in Munich allowing us to advertise our Pure Air status, as I have mentioned previously, the ONLY dive school on Koh Tao to be awarded with such a prestigious certificate.

As you can imagine there is a whole bunch of technical jargon that I could confuse you with but I shall break down the main points of our compressor system into bite-sized chunks for your own peace of mind.

  1. We commit ourselves to the use of Only Bauer filter cartridges. Sent directly from the Bauer manufactory, these filters ensure that all contaminants and moisture is removed from your air, Delicious!
  2. We use a SECURUS downstream filter to monitor the life span of our filter cartridges, ensuring that if the cartridge comes to the end of its life that the compressor will physically shut down, preventing us from filling tanks with potential contamination.
  3. We arranged for our compressor to be installed according to the Bauer operating instructions to ensure that we prevent a carbon-monoxide contamination potentially caused by the compressor combustion engine. This ensures long lasting filter cartridges making our operation not only the purest but one of the most efficient on Koh Tao.
  4. Our compressor room is kept to the highest standard of cleanliness with a 50m ‘no-smoking’ Circumference around the compressor room itself. Our compressor room is annually inspected by Bauer themselves to ensure that we are doing everything we can to keep our air as pure as it can be to ensure that we retain our Pure Air certification.

What does it mean to have the Pure Air certification I hear you ask? There are 6 comprehensive steps that must at all times be guaranteed to maintain the certification; once again I shall break these down for you so you can understand how much planning a work went into making your air the purest on Koh Tao.

  1. Our floor of the room must be made of materials able to withstand excessive vibration and weight of the compressor whilst being 100% free from dust and other such contaminants such as oil, sand, silt etc.
  2. Where the air is taken into the compressor must be connected to an intake hose no shorter than 3m in length, this hose must be kink-proof, supported in a high and dry place facing against the wind.
  3. The cooling fan must flow at all times the same way as the prevailing wind, allowing optimum cooling for our compressor, minimizing maintenance issues.
  4. Perfect air intake and exhaust MUST be guaranteed at all times. At no point whatsoever is the exhaust fumes to be taken back into our compressor. At Sairee Cottage Diving we ensure this by having a standalone compressor room surrounded by nothing but trees, with not a main road in direct sight ensuring that this standard is taken very seriously and maintaining our Pure Air system.
  5. The compressor room must be sufficiently ventilated without public access, this helps all features of the system, keeping the compressor running at optimum temperature and ensuring than no passersby are able to gain access to the compressor room without professional supervision.
  6. Finally the ambient temperature (room temperature) has to be between 5 and 45 Degrees Celsius. Once again ensure optimum temperature levels for our compressor to work to its highest and therefore safest standard.

By adhering strictly to every single one of these standards we have for the last 6 months maintained our Pure Air certificate and with all the professionally trained staff and constant cleaning we shall continue to provide you with the peace of mind to dive safely with the purest air on Koh Tao.

We are as a dive school featured on the Bauer website as a registered Pure Air Dive School. Please feel free to check for yourself it is free of charge and we would be proud for you to see that we are included in such a prestigious group of Dive Schools Worldwide offering air so Pure it will make standing on top of Everest seem like breathing in cigarette smoke!

Come down to Sairee Cottage Diving for a free tour of our compressor room and of course if you would like to taste the purest air on Koh Tao come and dive with us.

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