Underwater Photography of Squirrel Fish

Squirrel Fish Uw Photography

Hi everyone and welcome back to my underwater photography blog with Sairee Cottage Diving. This time for my photo of the week I have chosen one that I instantly liked but couldn’t put my finger on why it caught my attention so much. First off, its of Soldier Fish which are part of the Squirrel fish family. I don’t find them particularly interesting, mainly as they are a nocturnal species usually hiding away in the day time. Plus I find the Striped Squirrel Fish to the left slightly off putting. I realised that its an angle I have never managed to capture of these timid nocturnal fish. This was the first time I managed to get a shot that shows off there oversized eyes. They use those to aid them with night time feeding. It was about a week after taking this shot that I realised why I liked it so much. It was oddly familiar to me. Finally it hit me and I realised it reminded me of the cover of Goodfellas one of my favourite films.


This is one of the many things I love about photography. You can find similarities or create references or tributes to almost anything that inspires you or captures your imagination. With underwater photography unlike other aspects of scuba diving it is an art form and can be interpreted differently by everyone. This means that you can never completely master it.

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