Hi everyone and a big thank you to all my readers. I would like to take a break from my usual photo tips, or photo of the week blogs, to talk about the photography day during our MSDT program and to promote my recent ventures in digital underwater photography. I have set up my own Facebook page, Peach Snaps Underwater Photography. It is regularly updated with my best photos, blogs and videos from around Koh Tao. There is also my Instagram page, that has regular updates with more of my favourite photos of the beautiful waters surrounding Ko Tao, including some exclusive ones not shown on my Facebook page.

Digital Underwater Photography Peachsnaps

Photography Day during the MSDT

I am also teaching the PADI Digital Underwater Photography (DUP) specialty course through Sairee Cottage Diving. Although it is similarly certified as with other instructors I will concentrate more so on learning your previous diving and photography skills so that I can tailor make your course to best benefit you for the best results. I also offer it as a 1, 2 or 3 day course so you can get the most out of this and really show off your skills at the end. I pick my favourite pictures from your course and promote them on my pages to show off how far you have progressed as an underwater photographer. In addition to this I am also assisting Marcel with the Sairee Cottage Diving Master Scuba Diver Trainer program (MSDT), as a guest speaker, to train the new instructors in teaching the PADI Digital Underwater Photography (DUP) specialty to the highest level.

Below is a picture of star student Emma Ong capturing images of a peacock sole, camouflaged in the sand…

Emma taking photos during the photography day

…and below is the result after editing in Adobe Lightroom. A very nice picture!

Photography Day Winner

Lionel Kobi also managed to get a great macro shot:

Digital Underwater Photography Macro

Read more about the Digital Underwater Photography specialty during your MSDT program at Sairee Cottage Diving

As well as this, you can book me to take photos of any of your diving Koh Tao experiences with Sairee Cottage Diving. Whether you want to expand your digital underwater photography skills or have a professional digital underwater photographer document your underwater experience then please contact me

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