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Sea Cucumber Koh Tao underwater photoAfter a short break in the U.K. I am back to the warm waters of koh tao and here is the return of my underwater photo blog. It was amazing to be back in the water especially as the visibility has drastically improved since the last time I was diving. With so many schools of fish and big predatory fish around at chumphon pinnacle it was hard to pick just one photo. I ended up picking this picture of a sea cucumber. Usually divers just ignore these slow moving cylindrical animals but I chose to get a shot that would make this boring looking creature look like a huge monster.

Paddy's Tortoise

Paddy’s Tortoise

I was inspired to take this shot after a picture I took of my parents pet tortoise that made him look like a dinosaur. Get the correct angle and you can distort people perception of the subject how ever you want.

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  1. Hallo Peter en Clara,nooit gedacht dat er maar 22 m. meensn woonden in Australie, maar het klopt inderdaad.Na jullie vakantie ervaringen moeten jullie maar eens een keer bij ons langs komen. Gezellig!We wonen practisch bij jullie om de hoek. Fijne feestdagen toegewenst in Australie.Groetjes,Arthur

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