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This week I have chosen this picture of a titan trigger fish. They have been particularly territorial the last few weeks as they have been in the breeding season and have been building there nest cones. Most divers will keep there distance from these guys all year round but more so now. I decided to see how close I could get in the hope of getting a totrigger fish koh taoothy picture. I had to use a small amount of zoom which I would normally avoid at all costs. I managed to find one that was feeding away from the nests so felt safe to get closer to this one than any of the others. This one was still being territorial and waving its trigger fin at me as a warning but was still calm enough to let me carefully take a few shots. with a bit of patience and being very careful I was able to get the shot I was after. Remember when practicing underwater photography that safety is still the number one priority. Don’t get to close to anything that is acting aggressive, ask local guides about what is not safe to get near and if in doubt just keep your distance until you know for sure. Its not worth having an accident over one photo.

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