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Get yourself a Sairee Cottage Diving Eco Bag!

Plastic is one of the worst killers of marine life in our oceans. Sometimes the problem seems so large and chaotic that individuals scare away from making a change. They feel that they can’t make a change on their own. This is not true. We believe that every little bit helps. If you refuse to use plastic while you are on Koh Tao, you have already made a huge impact. It will directly affect the local community and improve our dive sites around Koh Tao.

Every time you make a small purchase at Seven Eleven you will get a plastic bag that is not biodegradable. There is also a lot of evidence that suggests biodegradable bags may carry more harm than good in this article. At the end of the day it comes down to convenience. We do not want to think about taking our eco bag shopping. We want to go shopping and have our goods placed in plastic bags, which we then throw out. Whether these are biodegradable or not is not really the question. The question is, are we really that lazy and careless that we knowingly pollute the environment every time we make a small purchase? The sad truth is that our ocean is suffering an immense amount. If there is a choice and we can simply not use plastic bags and plastic straws, why not? Do you really need that plastic straw to enjoy your cocktail?

Some startling facts on Plastic Oceans suggest that we use one million plastic bags every minute of every single day. A lot of these end up in our ocean and kill marine life. They look very similar to jellyfish which provides food for a lot of marine species. I would lie if I said I have never pointed out a plastic bag to my divers thinking it is a jellyfish. The difference is that I don’t need it for food and I know what a plastic bag is. A turtle does not.

Our eco bag is only 250THB and all proceeds are donated to ProjectAWARE which will go toward shark conservation.

By Lionel

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