Founder / Big Boss

Originally from north Dublin. Travelled the world and fell in love with the island life style. Opened his own dive shop in 2007 and now takes great pride in making sure all our customers receive the special treatment they deserve on their dream diving holiday.



Joined: 2009 / General Manager

Left the UK in 2002, arrived in Koh Tao the same year and never really left. PADI & SSI Master Instructor. Technical diving Instructor and mixed gas diver having conducted dives over 100m / 330ft deep.



Joined: 2015 / Master Scuba Diver Trainer

From Zurich, Switzerland. A PADI Instructor since 2010. Denja has mastery of SCUBA instruction, always knowing how to get her students to feel comfortable in the water.



Joined: 2009 / Equipment Specialist & Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Barry is the in-house equipment technician, PADI instructor and speed boat captain. His extensive knowledge on equipment and the local dive sites make Barry one of the best dive leaders around.


Joined: 2020 / Master Scuba Diver Trainer

From Vancouver island, Canada. Airies decided Koh tao was the perfect place to share her love of the Aquatic world. She is a patient and thorough instructor, who personalizes her courses to suit all learning styles.



Joined: 2015 / PADI Platinum Course Director

Originally from Holland, Marcel is our PADI Platinum Course Director and Specialty Dive Instructor Trainer. He achieved Platinum Status from PADI within his first year and kept it until this day – Now taught over 6000+ students he continues to inspire new dive pros.


Joined: 2021 / PADI Instructor

Our energetic Boat master and Dive Master.  From Holland, living in Koh Tao for a long time now.  With over 7000 dives here, he knows the sites like no other.  An absolute master in leading dives!


Joined: 2022 / Underwater Photographer

In south west London I was born and raised,
in the ocean is where I spend most of my days,
Chilling out diving and thriving all cool,Shooting some pics of a barracuda school,While both my dogs are up to no good,Running and sniffing round the neighbourhood,All it took was one long flight but my mum was scared,She said do your dive checks and watch your NDL’s and air!


Joined: 2022 / PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

This is Toni.  Originally from Finland he escaped the colder waters to get stuck in this tropical paradise, always ready to share his passion for underwater world and give the best possible experience for student’s


Joined: 2022 / Master Instructor

While travelling South East Asia in 2015 Martin arrived on Koh Tao and hasn’t left. Working his way up from an advanced diver to a PADI Master Instructor, Martin has taught countless students from discover scuba diving to instructor candidates. “Teaching people new skills then watching them progress, fall in love and find a passion for the ocean has to be the best part of being a Scuba Diving Instructor.”


Joined: 2022 / Master Scuba Diving Instructor

Trying to escape the rainy, windy seasons of Northern Germany.  Hannah swapped it to the tropical heat, sunshine and warm waters of Koh Tao. Here she discovered her love for teaching others and seeing them transform into confident divers, patiently helping with any obstacles along the way.


Joined: 2023 / Master Scuba Diving Instructor

From the coast of British Columbia Canada, meet Kayli. Not only does she have a passion for teaching scuba diving, and showing her students the wonders of the reef, she also studies marine biology and loves to share her passion for all things in the sea and marine conservation.

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