Diving around Koh Tao is exhilarating due to its variety in dive sites. Koh Tao is home to over 20 fantastic dive sites, ranging from deep granite pinnacles to shallow coral gardens along the shores. Let’s “dive” a little deeper into the top 3 dive sites on Koh Tao! At Sairee Cottage Diving we have a fixed weekly dive site schedule, ensuring we visit the best among them. Every week we are scheduled to dive 14 different dive sites. This ensures fun diving with great variety for all levels of divers.

What are the top 3 dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand when diving Koh Tao?

1. Diving at Sail Rock

Sail Rock is arguably the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. Converging currents bring a lot of nutrients to this dive site. This results in an abundance of marine life and biodiversity. Sail Rock itself is a large granite rock pinnacle that rises up from a depth of -30 meters and breaches the surface. There is a deeper secret pinnacle located to the east of the main rock. The largest school of big eye travelly can be found there compared to any diving in Koh Tao. Whether you are a PADI Open Water diver or a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Sail Rock is suitable for all levels of diving. Sairee Cottage Diving organizes a diving trip every

Sail Rock Trip

Koh Tao Diving Sail Rock

2. Diving at Chumpon Pinnacle

Chumpon is located about 11 km north of Koh Tao. It is a large, submersed granite pinnacle, starting at around -14 meters descending to -35 meters. To both the north and south there are smaller granite rocks, home to a large variety of marine life. It is here that we often observe large pelagic fish, such as Queenfish, Travelly, Rainbow Runners and Mackerel, hunting. Smaller fish school around the rocks, trying to avoid being eaten! Chumpon Pinnacle is a large dive site, which is why Sairee Cottage Diving organizes a double Chumpon trip once a week. Due to its depth it is more suited to PADI Advanced Open Water divers.

Dive Chumpon

Koh Tao Diving Chumpon Pinnacle

3. Diving at South-West Pinnacle

South-West Pinnacle is located about 13 km south of Koh Tao. This is a completely submerged broken granite rock pinnacle ranging from -27 meters to -6 meters. There is a secret pinnacle at South-West Pinnacle, teeming with juvenile marine life such as barracuda, dory snapper, eels and stingrays. For those of us that love the big stuff, there are some huge cobia and groupers here as well. They seem rather friendly with divers. An absolute must for diving and a personal favorite of mine.

Dive South-West

Koh Tao Diving South West Pinnacle

These are in my opinion the top 3 dive sites on Koh Tao.

What are your favorite dive sites around Koh Tao?

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