You can Help to Save Koh Tao

[singlepic id=225 w=320 h=240 float=left]Yes, Koh Tao already has programs in place to ensure the amazing island is kept as clean and tidy as possible. These programs and operations have already had a massive positive impact on the Island! The yearly Save Koh Tao Festivals for example, have turned out to be a roaring success. Nevertheless, we should not, as individuals, all just sit back and let others do the work; everyone can do their bit to keep our angelic island growing and prospering year by year.

The Problem

Locals and people who have been lucky enough to visit Koh Tao recently will have noticed the irregular pattern of the Electricity on the Island, changing between Government Power and private Namsang power. There is no permanent power line from the main land of Thailand to Koh Tao, the power on the island is made by generators. Problems with these generators and a shortage of water, combined with the time of year being in the middle of peak season, have all contributed to the intermittent power supply.

The Solution

What can we do; you all ask? Well it doesn’t actually take too much to make a difference, some things even will take you only a few seconds in the morning. How about before you head off to your diving day you switch off all your  un-used electrical equipment during the day. Turn off your fans, lights, and appliances which may be on stand-by. Even these apparently small things could lead to us all collectively being that little bit more eco friendly. Even having a 2 minute shower instead of a 5 minute shower will make a big difference!!!

[singlepic id=226 w=320 h=240 float=right]Another thing that we have noticed in the last few weeks is the growing amount of litter being found across Sairee Beach. From bottles to clothes to fliers for bars this is a massive tarnish on our beautiful island. 10 days ago we arranged to have a very small beach clean up one afternoon, it took a team of six people, even a few very helpful holiday makers 25 minutes to fill seven black bin liners with rubbish. Yes granted a lot of this litter can be washed in from sea in the storms that we have been experiencing but a lot of it was local rubbish. Many leaflet and fliers from the local bars, clubs were found strewn along the beach front. In our eyes this I unacceptable and we all need to make an effort to resolve this. If you are on the beach and someone hands you a flier, if you want it. But it in your bag/pocket, if you don’t want it then there is nothing wrong with politely declining the offer. It is however very apparent that people are just accepting them and leaving them laying around. Other things like for example, if everyone would be cleaning up their bottles and crisp packets after a day on the beach, would already be very helpful indeed.

[singlepic id=224 w=320 h=240 float=left]Koh Tao is an amazing place, that’s why we all made the decision to change our lives forever and make the Island “home”, so lets all make our own individual efforts to keep Koh Tao the paradise it is and maybe it will convince others to make the life changing choice to join us in our dreamworld! Thank You!

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