[singlepic id=338 w=320 h=240 float=left]Meet Brian Baxter, 56 from Australia (aka Scuba Smurf).

Brian has spent most of his working life outside of Australia, has travelled and lived a pretty adventurous life.

There aren’t many people that I have met who can match what extremes Brian has done.

He has climbed mountains, flies and jumps out of planes for fun. He has worked in deserts as hot as +60 degrees and Antarctica in freezing -60 degrees. I am sure there are many more feats that he has achieved, but newest string to his bow is Scuba Diving down to 39 meters.

In the last 3 weeks Brian has completed a total of 8 courses and 40 dives and is nearly at his goal of becoming an SSI Master Diver. The highest academic recognition level an amateur recreational diver can reach.[singlepic id=340 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Brian completed his Open Water and Advanced training in the first week of May with Instructor Trainer Neil. He then decided he wanted to tackle the SSI Stress and Rescue course, no mean feat. Grown men/women 30 years Brian’s junior have cried doing this! The Rescue course is probably the most demanding and rewarding course you can complete as a recreational diver, really raising your skill, ability and comfort level whilst diving.[singlepic id=341 w=320 h=240 float=left]

Still not content Brian and Neil embarked on a Specialty Program combining Deep Diving, Navigation, Wreck Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox and Computer Diving whilst using his shiny new Viper Air computer, Brian’s favorite new toy!

More than enough training to gain his Master Diver recognition, but to achieve the rating you must reach the milestone of 50 dives.

So Brian then signed up for some fun dives to get his numbers up and dived with us everyday for the next week led by Gaz, Paddy, Wess, Shaun and Pierre. No more training this time, just putting all the skills into place to enjoy deep dives at Sail Rock, South West and Chumpon; Wreck dives on the Sattakut and many other sites.

To top it all they saw a Turtle and a Whale Shark on the last day. It really doesn’t get much better!

Having racked up a massive 40 dives in just over 3 weeks Brian leaves us inspired as to what someone can achieve. They say life begins at 40! Meeting Brian, I say bring on the 50’s!

Brian kindly wrote us a few lines:

“As you travel it becomes an adventure and education in itself and the more you experience and learn the more you want to follow the road of work, education and adventure ….. however there comes a time when one day you re evaluate what you have achieved mainly due to ones seniority in life formally known as “your age” and at this time you ask yourself what is it that I have always wanted to do that I have never done. This is where it brings me to where I am now. I have always wanted to be able to dive since I left school.

At the age of 56 I have successfully completed finally my wish after all those years and not to be disappointed.

Can I recommend it yes, will I come back most definitely.

As our priorities change both with personal circumstances and age let’s see what the next exciting adventure holds……and for those who think they are too old….that is an excuse not to do it … go for it!”

Maybe you think you are a bit past it, or perhaps it’s your folks you are trying to convince to dive with you.

If that doesn’t inspire you to go diving whatever your age, nothing will.

It’s never too late!

Thanks Brian. We hope to see you back here soon!

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