We’ve had an awesome high season at Sairee Cottage Diving in Koh Tao. On this blog, we want to say a huge thanks to all our Dive Master Trainees, who chose to come with us this summer. Their antics made it such a great season. They really made the most out of their time during their divemaster training with us both in and out of the dive shop and easily became part of our diving family.

[singlepic id=237 w=320 h=240 float=left]All the SSI Divemaster trainees added their part to the dive shop: Jono, who is, WELL, classic and an amazing storyteller. Mel with her bubbly laugh that brightens up the dive shop.  Lil with her boundless energy and Norwegian chocolates.  Kris with his ability to have a drink at any time, day or night, and who is an amazing underwater photographer.  These guys completed their SSI Dive Control Specialists. We want to say a huge congrats to them. Last but not least, Steff, our amazing hairdresser, who frequently received love letters on her bike from admirers, just couldn’t leave the island after her Advanced Adventurer Course.  She went all the way to SSI Dive Master. Awesome!

[singlepic id=235 w=320 h=240 float=right]On the other hand, our PADI DMT’s were just as outgoing. Louis, who preformed spectacularly on his snorkel test only to fracture his heel when he tried to leave the island the next day.  (Sorry, you broke your heel, Louis!).  Teresinha, who managed to escape hers and who quietly persevered throughout her course.  These guys both did their Open Water with us in spring and came back to complete their PADI Dive Masters at Sairee Cottage Diving. Fred, our DJ for the summer and mapmaker ‘extraordinaire’. Tamara, who was beyond chilled out during her stress test and incredibly energetic in the dive shop. And don’t forget about Nat with his love for jungle shots and pink hot pants.

[singlepic id=232 w=320 h=240 float=left]All of our DMT’s completed their Nitrox and Deep Specialties with our diving instructors and were able to dive with Nitrox for free during their training. They really made it a memorable high season! Their liveliness and passion about diving motivated our students to stay and continue their scuba diving education. Their help with the beach and reef clean-ups has helped us to establish our ECO side of the school. Thanks guys for all the time you put in! We’ve loved having you here.

NOW, we have a new class of DMT’s.  We would like to introduce the new guys. First, Robin.  She’s French Canadian, loves Mojitos, and is our very own pink Scuba Barbie.  Next is Sanna.  She is Dutch and has just returned to the island after completing her Open Water course last January.  She is 180 cm and is always up for a night out.  We look forward to showing these girls what Koh Tao is all about! More stories to come soon.

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