Hi everyone and welcome back to another one of my blogs for Sairee Cottage Diving. We live on a paradise island known as Koh Tao. Thousands of tourists come and visit us in this paradise so this time I would like to talk about something that hopefully will help change the way a lot of people act on holiday. Everyday we see happy tourists so excited to spend their time in paradise and experience what the world under the waves has to offer. They can not wait to relax on pristine beaches, soak up the sun and enjoy perfect views. These people are often the first to comment if there is any rubbish on the beach or if there are plastic bags in the sea. If you look even closer these are often the same people who, while enjoying their cocktails and smoking on the beach, will leave their cigarette butts and plastic straws in the sand and not even think twice about it. So many people say how beautiful these tiny islands are but at night when they are drunk it is just too easy to drop your rubbish right where they stand. If you want to come to a beautiful tropical island please leave it how you found it or even better how you would like to find it. It is very simple, clean up after yourself! When you are finished on the beach pick up all your rubbish and try and do one better and pick up any rubbish around you.

Eco Bag Sairee Cottage Diving Koh Tao

At Sairee Cottage Diving we use reusable bamboo straws and sell ‘bags for life’. We also regularly organise clean up days involving beach clean ups and dive site clean ups. Under the ProjectAWARE banner, we team up with other dive schools so we can treat as big an area as possible in one go. A lot of the waste does come from fishing boats but the most destructive rubbish we regularly see is plastic bags, straws and cigarette butts that get eaten by marine life. Do you need a bag for what you just bought? Do you really need a straw, ever? If everyone could make a few little changes it would have a huge impact on our little island.

Paradise Koh Tao Bamboo Straw

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