Let’s talk about two fun things.  And I know for a fact that everyone LOVES at least one (if not both) of these two items. Are you ready?

  1.  Diving
  2. Being naked

It’s a little known fact that you have to be naked when you reach 100 dives.  Who enforces said rule? The dive community – so basically EVERY DIVER, who has done a naked 100th dive – of course.

Yesterday, we dove in Mango Bay.  As I was preparing to enter the water, I glanced over at the boat moored up next to us.  My brain kept registering images of skin in unusual places.  When I finally looked over, I noticed several people in thongs – JUST THONGS.  It made me chuckle, and then after I explained the phenomenon to my divers, they laughed. Now, technically, these DMTs cheated. They were not completely naked. However, it was daytime, and they took their clothes off on the boat.  (I didn’t take off my bikini until I hit the water. I also may have cheated and did my naked dive at night – but I digress).  A girl explained that since there were so many of them, they decided to have a ‘Naked Day’; one of them even had a really massive camera with them. Props to them.

[singlepic id=280 w=320 h=240 float=left]Here’s a good little side story re naked diving.  One of our lovely DMs, who is now an instructor, took AGES to complete her naked dive.  In fact, we had to advertise on a very large board in front of the dive shop the date that we all had decided she was [singlepic id=279 w=320 h=240 float=right]going to dive naked.  Now, Robin is hysterical, lovely, and very voluptuous.  So you can imagine the stick figure image that we drew on the board.  Robin massively cheated. Why? Because she:

  1. Owns a Pearl BC. Basically, her BC has a built-in sports bra
  2. Left her bikini bottoms on

Mel agrees with me that this signifies as an EPIC FAIL. (We are shaking our heads at the moment).

[singlepic id=281 w=320 h=240 float=left]On the other hand, another one of our DMs (Gaz – he was appalled that I wasn’t going to mention him by name) ripped his pants off on the boat (well done, sir).  Shy is not his middle name and then proceeded to lead several fun divers on two dives.  That is how a naked 100th dive should be performed.

By the way, our incredibly special – I mean handsome – instructor, Andrew, just volunteered to pose naked for this blog. Happy days. Happy Diving.  Obviously, we would love to hear any of your stories about completing a naked dive on our Facebook page .  Otherwise, we will expect you to build up your dives and come diving naked with us at Sairee Cottage.

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