Fun Diving in Koh Tao


Dive Koh Tao in the best possible way!  We have a big comfortable boat, which we take to premier dive sites on our afternoon dive trip of 2 dives. Our experienced team have put together a daily schedule that enables the best possible diving.  We do not have a fixed dive site schedule and go to different sites each day, always looking at the conditions to find the best places to dive that day.






We leave at 12pm and get back at around 5pm so you have the morning to relax. On the boat there’s drinking water, fresh fruit, biscuits, tea & coffee. Full scuba diving equipment is also included in our rates along with a great PADI guide, and Bauer ‘pure air’ in the tanks.

Afternoon diving has its benefits as the dive sites can be less busy than in the mornings also you have the morning to relax by the pool and have breakfast in the many cafes Koh Tao has to offer.

Back at 5pm just in time to catch the sunset at the pool bar.

1 Dive trip (2 dives)


6 Dives (3 dive trips)


Over 6 Dives the price stays 1000thb per dive.

Contact one of our PADI instructors now to book your fun dives.

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Need a Scuba Review?

Has it been a while since your last dive? No problem. Let one of us refresh your skills so you can join our fun dive trips without a worry. If it has been over 12 months since your last dive date, we need you to do a scuba review with us.

The Scuba review is only 1000 thb and can be booked in advance.  This takes place in the swimming pool every morning at 9am.

Contact one of our PADI instructors now to book your fun dives & review.

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  • Must hold a valid Diving Certification
  • Prove a logged dive within 12 months
  • Medical clearance for diving if you are over 60 (Download Here)