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By the time you read this it will already be earth day. In fact, while you read this people all over Koh Tao will be performing beach clean ups or be out on the many dive boats preforming clean up dives all around the coast of our beautiful Island. For us on Koh Tao, it is a very important day whereby all the dive shops get together and put all their efforts into doing everything we can to save our little slice of paradise. It is also a huge social event with a big party in the evening. Everyone taking part gets the chance to win some amazing prizes donated from the many different shops, villas and restaurants around the Island, all to promote this wonderful day. The first earth day was in 1970 and was a huge movement for people to make a positive difference towards environmental issues around the world; 46 years later and the fight goes on. Whether you’re reading this here on Koh Tao, on a sofa in Europe or sat at your desk at work, YOU can still get involved. Just because there might not be an organised event in your area doesn’t mean that you’re not part of it. It’s our earth and we all have to stand up and take responsibility and care of it. We need to recognize the damage that our past generations have blindly done and also what people are doing today, even though they know the consequences, which is worse. Go out and pick up litter, plant a tree or just help raise awareness. This doesn’t just stop with today. We should all be doing this every day. No one should ever walk past or even drop rubbish. We know what it does to the planet and how harmful it is and to claim ignorance is just ridiculous. We only have one planet to live on let’s take care of it. I wish you all the best earth day and hope that you all do your bit to save our only home.

Earth Day Keep Our Ocean Pristine

Photos by @peachsnapsphotography

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