At Sairee Cottage Diving we are very excited about the conservation of our little island. We are involved in multiple eco projects on Koh Tao such as the eco water bottle and the monthly clean ups where dive schools unite to clean up the beaches and reefs around Koh Tao.

Upcycle Koh Tao

Now we have an exciting opportunity for our fun divers. If you would like to be a part of our most recent addition to our eco programs, all you need to do is talk to our friendly divemasters about the Upcycle program.

What is Upcycle?

Upcycle aims to educate locals and tourists alike about the severity of declining ocean health and at the same time providing every diver with the opportunity to get involved and make a difference with an incentive.

We provide the briefing and knowledge on how to properly remove unwanted pieces of trash on and around our dive sites. Then we provide you with an easy to wear and use pocket that you can use to store collected trash in during your fun dive.

As an incentive we can then offer you a “passport” for your next destination in Thailand with exclusive diving discounts at your new destination.

As a dive professional with over four and a half years of experience teaching on Koh Tao I can personally see the positive impact these eco programs have had on Koh Tao. It used to be on a daily basis that I would come across trash leading fun divers around our reefs. Now it is an oddity to find even the smallest piece of trash on dives. The long term positive impact that consistent education has had is also noticeable.

So, why not get involved? Even if you do not pick anything up during your dive, your awareness might change and you might spread the message about the importance of keeping our ocean alive to other divers and even non-divers. We strongly believe that this kind of positive change in attitude towards our ocean can reverse the constant destruction we currently subject this amazing natural environment to.

You can book fun diving packages with us through our website. Just remember to talk to your divemaster about the Upcycle program when you meet them. We are very experienced in organising clean up dives, even large fish nets.

By Lionel

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