At Sairee Cottage Diving, we are debris activists. Diving Koh Tao for us is as much about keeping Koh Tao clean as it is about enjoying the beautiful underwater scenery. On every dive we collect what we come across and we encourage our fun divers to do the same. Often we are not satisfied with what we were able to collect and organise a clean-up dive for the specific dive site.

Diving Koh Tao Sustainably

This month, Ao Langkhai was this particular dive site. We knew it had to be this month’s dive site to be cleaned. We offered free dives to our customers to join us on this clean-up mission. Three teams were responsible for different areas of the dive site and we collected a remarkable amount of small and large debris from the site. The majority of the debris was glass, plastic and fish nets. A tiny black-spotted yellow box fish came to greet us at the end of the dive and it reminded all of us how important keeping our ocean actually clean is. If we want to continue diving Koh Tao, we need to ensure that we as scuba divers do the right thing. We are ambassadors for the ocean and we need to take action. We welcome you to join the Sairee Cottage family on our clean-up missions. This is one way you can do your part!

Diving Koh Tao Sustainably

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