Whether you are looking to do just one day of diving or plan to learn how to dive, you want to be covered for diving. Dive insurance can be expensive however. DAN dive insurance is one of the best and most comprehensive covers out there. Do you need such comprehensive scuba diving insurance?

In fact, do you need diving insurance at all?

Although diving is an extreme sport, it is safe to scuba dive.

So why do we offer diving insurance completely free with all our recreational courses?

Why Free Dive Insurance?

Diving is an extreme sport. Many partake in a diving course to face a fear or push their personal limits.

Because of this, we believe you should be at ease. Dive insurance provides peace of mind. Now, without having to worry, you can focus on your diving education.

Finding appropriate dive cover can be difficult. Furthermore it is an added expense to you. We will help you work out if you are already covered by your travel insurance. If not, don’t worry, we sort it out for you.

When you sign up for any diving course, we provide personal diving accident cover. We do this at no extra charge to you.

We believe in our safety protocols, top notch equipment & facilities and our highly experienced staff. We have an outstanding safety record!

Free Dive Insurance

Will I Get Diving Insurance As A Fun Diver?

Most of our fun divers already take care of diving insurance before their trip. If you have not however, we offer very competitive cover when you arrive. It is instant and personal, making it completely hassle free.


During travel you cover yourself for additional risks. When you partake in adventure sports you get insurance cover specific to the sport. Scuba diving is classed as an extreme sport. We breathe underwater for extended periods of time after all. Consequently you should cover yourself for scuba diving.

*Free Diving Insurances applies for all fun diving and recreational courses. We require you to get a DAN Diving Insurance for the professional  Divemaster and higher courses.

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