Hi! This weeks photo with Sairee Cottage Diving, Koh Tao is a macro shot of a Cleaner Shrimp. Macro photography is extreme close up photography, usually of very small subject matter making the size of the subject bigger than life size.

Taken at White Rock Koh Tao, it was not my best shot all week but it’s the one that I am happiest with. A lot of patience was needed to take this as they move around a lot and they are pretty fast. It was a challenge to get the focus on the shrimp as they are pretty much see-through so even when they do sit still the camera has a bit of trouble finding them. I started by adjusting the strobe to the correct angle as they were all in a crack in a rock too small to get the camera near enough with the strobe how I originally wanted it. I waited as still as I could hoping one woCleaner Shrimp Diving Koh Taould walk into shot before too long but it wasn’t working. They all seemed too busy trying to clean my finger nails and my camera housing. Eventually this little one climbed out and onto the rock in front of him. I slowly turned the lens to face him and managed to get a couple shots in before he joined the others picking away at my finger nails. I hope you enjoy this picture as i’m going to try and get another macro shot for next weeks blog.

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