Koh Tao has many wonderful dive sites. The best dive site Koh Tao is widely agreed to be Sail Rock. It is number one of the top three dives sites that can be reached from Koh Tao. It is commonly referred to as the best dive site Koh Tao and in the Gulf of Thailand. Diving the best dive site Koh Tao for many scuba divers has to include a trip to Sail Rock.

Diving Koh Tao First Boat

Sairee Cottage Diving Koh Tao runs a weekly dive trip and it is a fantastic day. It is our favorite day of the week without a doubt!

Diving the Best Dive Site Koh Tao

The Best Dive Site Koh Tao

We meet up a little earlier than usual at around 6am. However all that is required of our divers is to show up and follow us onto the longtail which in turn takes us out to our big boat. The trip out to Sail Rock takes about one and a half hours. During this time we serve a proper breakfast that is in part cooked and heated up on the boat! This means there is hot bacon, sausages, onion, tomato and boiled eggs, spring rolls and bread rolls to choose from. The most popular request is to get everything! Of course we can accommodate for vegetarians and special dietary requirements. Just let us know when you sign up.

Diving Koh Tao Breakfast

Then we set up our gear and have a coffee or a nap until we reach diving Koh Tao’s finest dive site!

It is a wonderful sight. A huge granite pinnacle that protrudes from the surface in the middle of the ocean with nothing else around. Leaving early pays off already as we are the first boat on the dive site and get to enjoy this phenomenal dive site all on our own. Our experienced Divemasters and Instructors know the dive site well and are able to treat our fun divers and students to some of its secrets.

Whether you are fun diving Koh Tao or completing your PADI Open Water course or PADI Advanced Open Water course, you can join this trip.

Diving Koh Tao Lunch

We do two dives on Sail Rock itself and after the second dive we serve lunch. Don’t worry it is not a cold, soggy, pre-made sandwich, but our famous hot Massaman curry served with rice on a plate with cutlery! If you are diving Koh Tao, why not do it in style? Now all that is left to do after lunch is find a spot on our massive sun deck and take a nap as the captain takes us to our final destination of the day – South-West Pinnacle! This is another great dive site that diving Koh Tao has to offer. It is ideal as it is slightly shallower, allowing us to do a shallower dive at the end of the day. Once we surface from South-West Pinnacle, we pack away our gear and have a beer together on the sun deck, which later continues at the Sairee Cottage Diving Pool Bar…

Diving Koh Tao Trip

I know, it is a pretty tough day..

Diving Koh Tao’s best dive site is an absolute must. Sairee Cottage Diving Koh Tao offers a weekly trip on Saturdays for 3000THB including Breakfast, Lunch, Beer and 3 phenomenal dives – Sign me up!

If you are completing your divemaster course Koh Tao at Sairee Cottage Diving, you get to go along to the weekly dive trip as well!

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