Longterm Accommodation on Koh Tao

Are you looking for affordable longterm accommodation on Koh Tao? This article may point you in the right direction.

Koh Tao has now been home for me for the past two years. Here are my tips & hints to finding a place that you can call home for any budget so you can live the dream in Koh Tao just like the guys at Sairee Cottage…

Finding your feet in a new place can be both exciting and scary, so when I first arrived in Koh Tao it was a great comfort to myself that there were so many friendly and helpful people at Sairee Cottage. At first I rented one of the small bungalows at Sairee Cottage for about 7 nights until I found my feet, this gave me the time to have a look around at potential  areas to live. The basic bungalow at Sairee Cottage was priced at 350 per night, the room was basic with a fan, cold shower & two small beds. On a tropical island you don’t actually spend much time indoors so this room was ideal for a short term stay. Sairee Cottage offer small room much like this one at the back of the resort close to the dorm rooms. These are rooms that divemasters can rent by the month, if you have a smaller budget these rooms are ideal for you. Priced at only 4,000 Baht per month this basic room has everything you need to live comfortably…

Accommodation on Koh Tao

After searching around for a week when I first arrived I moved into a room in a place called Pidang Bungalows, these are situated a short walk from downtown Sairee & you find that a lot of the divemasters & instructors live there. I moved into a room within a house with 5 house mates. The apartment was spacious & a great way to meet new friends. With a communal living area, kitchen & bathroom this was a great place to live throughout my divemaster training. Very well situated & safe the price per month was 7,500 Baht. Situated directly next to an air conditioned state of the art gym, these apartments are ideal for a long term stay…

Rooms on Koh Tao Thailand
After returning to Koh Tao following a short holiday at home myself & another instructor decided to move into a two bedroom house in an area called Jitsin, this is an area where local people live and is again only a short walk away from Sairee. With two large bedrooms, a big kitchen, living room & huge balcony the new home offered a little more comfort and gave the feeling of having a place we could call “home”. Ideal for barbeques and DVD nights this has been my favourite place to stay since moving to Koh Tao, and I still currently stay there. Between two people we pay 15,000 Baht per month with all bills included

Accommodation Koh Tao
Hopefully you find this information helpful if you are contemplating coming to Koh Tao for an extended period of time. As I say, there are plenty of helpful and friendly people in and around Sairee Cottage to help you find your feet.

So, why not consider a lifestyle change, and join the Sairee Cottage family in our own little Paradise on Koh Tao!!! Have a look at our divemaster internship here.

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