Learn Scuba Diving on Koh Tao

Why learn scuba diving? It may be to explore a new world, to travel to new places or to experience what it is like to be weightless just like an astronaut! If you are still wondering why, below are 5 reasons to visit Koh Tao to try scuba diving on your next trip.

Become an explorer

Descending to the depths of our ocean is a very special feeling. Realising how vast and diverse the ocean’s underwater ecosystem is, can be quite humbling. Often people describe scuba diving as exploring a new and unknown world. We still regularly discover new species. Diving Koh Tao is a perfect way to satisfy this need to explore and learn how to scuba dive.

Travel to new places

Once you have completed your PADI Open Water scuba diving course, the world is your oyster! It will open up new travel destinations that you had never considered before. Maybe the quality of transport and accommodation take second place in favor of fantastic diving and exploring new parts of the vast underwater world.

Know what it feels like to defy gravity

We all know what it feels like navigate in a two dimensional way bound by gravity. But what about defying gravity and weightlessly explore in three dimensions? Your scuba diving instructor will teach you about buoyancy and how to remain neutral to gravity no matter what depth you are diving at. The possibilities are endless. Imagine exploring details of a huge war ship at eye level, as opposed to standing at the foot of it in a museum.

Join the scuba diving community

Scuba divers are relaxed people that share a love for our ocean and marine life. Being a scuba diver will undoubtedly change your life and introduce you to a new community of people. You will meet other divers from all over the world with whom you can exchange diving spots. Many divers attribute diving to having changed their lives forever. Especially those of us who become diving professionals and make a career out of diving.

Become an advocate for our ocean

We often think of the ocean as this vast body of water that is invincible. As a PADI scuba diver, you will soon realise how fragile the marine ecosystem is. Every choice you make is somehow connected to our ocean and its marine life. Most scuba divers fall in love with the ocean and become advocates to preserve our ocean for future generations. At Sairee Cottage Diving, we donate to PADI Project AWARE with every Open Water certification.

Can you think of additional reasons? Share them in the comments.

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  1. Get under the water to chill out, empty your head of all the everyday hustle, bustle and stress. So calming down there in the blue, a magical place.

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